“Climate change believer changes his mind after Extinction Rebellion protest”

News from the Natural World: Man who believed in climate change changes his mind after Extinction Rebellion protest.
News from the Natural World: Man who believed in climate change changes his mind after Extinction Rebellion protest. Jeff from Leeds, England was always a strong believer in climate change. Over the years he had watched on as the world around his was undoubtedly negatively affected and shaped by humans. He read the literature, studied the science and watched the endless stories rolling in every day on the news. He heard the stories of the icecaps melting, of sea levels rising, of plastic filling the ocean and of critically endangered animals going extinct by the bucketload. Not only was he a strong believer in climate change, he would try and persuade others and draw them to the cause. When Jeff heard about a new movement focused on highlighting the 6th extinction of all life on earth he knew he had to join them. So Jeff set off to London to join the mighty Extinction Rebellion.

Extinction Rebellion have the opposite effect

Jeff had seen images of the Extinction Rebellion at many protests across the UK. He was won over by their aim of using nonviolent civil disobedience to compel government action to avoid tipping points in the climate system, biodiversity loss, and the risk of social and ecological collapse. Jeff was onboard. But when he got to the protest in London he was rather confused, everyone was just dressed up in ridiculous costumes, head to toe in extravagant make up and clothes. What must the carbon footprint of those clothes be he thought to himself. In addition he saw countless people dropping litter, drinking disposable coffee cups and even a man dressed as a broccoli. But it was another incident that really set Jeff off.
Extinction Rebellion
Do Extinction Rebellion really think this will persuade ordinary working people?
Jeff saw an Extinction Rebellion protester climb on board a commuter train at an underground station. He was shouting at the top of his lungs like a true disciple of the Extinction Rebellion cult. What an absolute PILLOCK as well as PLONKER thought Jeff. Public transport, such as trains, are one of the easiest way to reduce carbon emissions of cars whilst also allowing thousands of people to go to work everyday. Trains were quite literally the solution to cars. Furthermore, this man had just completely pissed off 100s of people waiting to go home. He had alienated them from a cause they likely believed in anyway.

Extinction Rebellion turn normal people off activism

This was the final straw for Jeff. To him it was clear that these Extinction Rebellion protestors were only succeeding in further convincing the same people who already believed in climate change and the destruction of the natural world. Whilst completely alienating everyone else who was on the fence or less concerned. It was the extreme 10% on the left shouting into a huge echo chamber with a hugely negative effect. Jeff knew the key to changing the narrative was to persuade the middle group, the silent majority. All Extinction Rebellion had succeeded in doing was arguing with the 10% on the other side. They had completely failed to influence the 80% in the middle. Surely persuading this group was the key not gluing themselves to trains and pissing off normal people

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