“Giant Centipede banned from co-working space for typing too loudly”

News from the Natural World: A Giant Centipede banned from co-working space for typing too loudly.

News from the Natural World: A Giant Centipede has been banned from a co-working space for typing too loudly.

Cedric was just your average Giant Centipede. He lived in New York, worked in Marketing, had a wife and 2 kids and even a pet woodlouse named Rex. But as the COVID-19 lockdown has raged Cedric was forced to work from home. After a couple of weeks his company, Insects R Us, shut down their former office and told all their workers that they would have a hot desk at a local co-working space. Cedric was overjoyed, he could finally return to some semblance of normal working life. How wrong he was.

Giant Centipede
Co-working spaces are no place for a Giant Centipede

On his first day in the office Cedric scurried in and chose his desk. He slithered down, set up his laptop, put his noise-cancelling headphones on and started working away. After so many days working from home, it was a liberation to be amongst others. He found his zone and just steamrolled through his work. But as time went by Cedric the Giant Centipede noticed that many of the humans were looking at him, sneering and giving him dirty looks. They would ignore him in the communal kitchen, turn their backs when he asked a question and scowl at him by the lockers. What had he done wrong!?

Giant Centipede kicked out of co-working space

Cedric sat down only to find his noise-cancelling headphones had disappeared, they were nowhere to be found. Despite his frustration, he settled down to his work, he’d just had a strong bug juice and was ready to blast off some emails. However, as his legs started typing a colossal noise filled the co-working space. It grew louder and louder, a constant tap, tap, tap, deafening and it obscured all other noise. What the hell is that noise thought Cedric? It was at that moment that Cedric the Giant Centipede realised that the noise was coming from him, from his laptop. The noise was the sound of his hundreds of legs typing furiously away at his keyboard. He was distraught, there was nothing he could do, the humans turned on him and kicked him out. Cedric and his thousands of legs were simply typing too loudly. They were creating an absolute racket!

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