“Islamic clerics fail to convert camels to Islam – Camels not interested in virgins”

News from the Natural World: Islamic clerics fail to convert camels to Islam - camels not interested in virgins.

News from the Natural World: Islamic clerics have failed to convert camels to Islam, the Camels were not interested in virgins.

Human Islamic clerics have long sought to convert as many humans as possible by teaching them that there is only one God and that Muhammad is a messenger of that God. Islam has grown to be the human world’s second-largest religion with over 1.8 billion human followers. Many human muslim governments use Islamic text to justify discrimination against women and to impose social and legal restrictions on women’s rights and freedoms. The Koran also advocates the stoning of women, death for not believing in Islam, rampant homophobia, the marriage of young girls to adult men and the idea that all non muslims will burn in eternal hell. Funnily enough, a book written hundreds of years ago has some outdated ideas. Good old human religion hey!

Islamic clerics
Islamic clerics encourage the stoning of other humans… sometimes

But the Islamic clerics were not happy with leaving it just to converting humans, they wanted to try and convert animals to their ancient and outdated belief system. They decided to choose the humble desert surfing Camel. They felt that they were ready and ripe for some psychological manipulation. The Islamic clerics set out to convert the Camels, they began reading verses of the Quran and telling the Camels they would burn in hell if they didn’t believe in Allah. In addition they said the Camels were heretics and MUST convert to save themselves. But they found that the Camels weren’t as willing as they imagined.

Camels not interested in Islamic clerics promise of virgins in heavens

The Camels pointed out that they had been around for thousands and thousands of years before Allah appeared to Mohammed. They had been evolving, thriving and surviving all over the planet and were perfectly adapted to desert life. Why on earth would they listen to some oddly dressed humans who appeared a couple of hundred years ago? Camels had been doing their thing for thousands of years. Did humans have any idea how long it took to evolve a hump!?

Camels first appeared in subtropical forests in North America, during the Eocene Epoch. From there, early Camels traveled long journeys, with growing bodies and changing feet, until they became two distinct evolutionary lines. Some migrated over the Isthmus of Panama to South America and evolved into modern day llamas, vicunas, alpacas, and guanacos. Others used the land bridge across the Bering Strait to cross to Asia and eventually to Africa. Along the way, they evolved into the camels we know today. The Camels were absolutely fine thank you very much Mr Islamic Cleric.

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