“Animals furious that science has failed to convince humans of the 6th Extinction”

News from the Natural World: Animals furious that human science has completely failed to convince humans of the 6th Extinction.

News from the Natural World: Animals are really furious that human scientists have completely failed to convince humans of the 6th Extinction.

Animals all over the world are absolutely furious that science has failed to alter humans from their course of destruction. The earth is undoubtedly experiencing a 6th Extinction event. Unlike the previous 5 extinctions, this is the first extinction solely caused by a single species, humans. Humans greed, population growth and wanton disregard for the natural world have led to this ecological collapse. The animal kingdom has spent centuries trying to alter the course of human history to no avail.

Animals furious
Animals furious with human scientists failings

For years the greatest scientists of the animal kingdom have laboured day and night to highlight the dangers of the collapse of the natural world. Isaac Newt, Galilion and even Stephen Hawk had worked every day that mother earth sent to try and warn the humans of the incoming catastrophe. But the humans refused to listen to animals, they still thought animals couldn’t speak. Rather than trying to learn their language they just declared them stupid. So the animal scientists resorted to a new tactic.

Animals furious with human scientists

They sent insect scientists to inhabit the ears of human scientists and over centuries whispered their secrets in their ears. They helped these human scientists uncover the truth and produced overwhelming evidence that humans were causing a colossal 6th Extinction of all life on earth. These insects influenced human scientists who fought a brave fight and attempted to convince humans of the need for change. They produced empirical data, reports and complex analysis of the catastrophic decline in all animal species and urged humans to change.

Whilst some humans listened the majority of them ignored the scientists. In fact it was children who seemed to be listening the most. They went on climate strikes and marched against humans destruction of nature. The human childrens minds were unclouded by egotistical machinations and an obsession with their own self importance. But largely humans remained unconvinced, their world leaders, governments and mighty UN failed to act decisvely and continued to destroy and ignore the science.

So the animal scientists decided to give up. They instead focused all their efforts on building a colossal spacecraft with co-ordinates set for the nearest inhabitable planet. The only condition of the spacecraft was simple… NO HUMANS ALLOWED.


Animals furious
Animals furious at the failure of those damn human scientists

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