Animal Scientists build spacecraft set for a new world – No Humans Allowed

News from the Natural World: Animal Scientists have built a spacecraft set for new world - there is only one rule - "No Humans Allowed".

News from the Natural World: Animal Scientists have built a spacecraft set for new world. There is only one rule – “No Humans Allowed”.

The greatest scientific minds all across the animal kingdom have long been working on a top-secret project. It was rumoured that this project was highly classified and extremely expensive. We can reveal that it is a multi-species attempt to save the natural world. The operation was called “No Noah on Noahs Ark”. Long had the most adept and skilled minds tinkered with their plans and hatched their plot. The top animal scientists worked on the project. Isaac Newt, Francis Cricket, Stephen Hawk and even Alexander Flamingo-Bell. But what exactly was the top-secret project they were working on? Why were the animal scientists being so secretive?

animal scientists
The animal scientists first draft of the spaceship

The Platypus gained exclusive access to the test facility and can confirm that they were working on building a HUGE space ship. The animals had named it Great A’Tuin after their favourite intergalactic animal. It was colossal in size and larger than 10 human football pitches. In addition, they had built a self-sustaining biome which created the perfect conditions for life to thrive in space. This biome was in the centre of the spaceship. It powered the whole ship with renewable energy from the sun. Also, the ship could sense whether there were other humanoids on planets. Furthermore, the spaceship was large enough to take on board every single species of animal and plant on the earth. Well, all except one.

Animal Scientists have built a spacecraft set for new world

The animal scientists had built an incredibly special and intelligent design feature into the spacecraft. Great A’Tuin was fitted all over with laser beams and also an infrared detection system. This scanning system could detect the DNA of all life. It could also detect human DNA. Once detected it would set its laser beams to kill. The animal scientists said that they were building the spaceship to take all life on earth, except humans, to find a next nearest inhabitable planet. They’d had enough of humans destroying the planet and killing animals, they were off and they weren’t bringing any pesky homo sapiens with them. Finally, the animals would be free of the destructive humans.

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