"Blackfish 2 is rumoured to expose the hypocrisy of Zoos"

News from the Natural World: Blackfish 2 is being rumoured to focus on exposing the hypocrisy of Zoos.

News from the Natural World: Blackfish 2 is being rumoured to focus on exposing the hypocrisy of Zoos.

Released in 2013, ‘Blackfish’ told the story of Tilikum, a captive killer whale that had taken the lives of several humans. The documentary focused on the problems within the sea-park industry. In addition to human’s relationship with nature and the oceans. Furthermore, it showed how little humans have learned about such highly intelligent marine mammals. It caused quite a storm in the human world and forced humans to realise the horror and torture that they inflicted on Killer Whales. Also, it caused the cancel culture surrounding SeaWorld. But many animals felt the documentary didn’t go far enough.

Blackfish 2
Blackfish 2 to focus on the pain of Zoo animals

One such animal was the famous filmmaker and auteur of animal cinema, Steven Sealberg. Steven Sealberg was the greatest director in the animal kingdom. He had directed such classics as “Raiders of the Lost Aardvark”, “Close Encounters of the Human Kind” and the much loved “The BFH – Big Friendly Human”. But for his next challenge, he secured the rights to Blackfish 2 and decided to put his own spin on the documentary. He knew that this was his chance to make a mark.

Blackfish 2 to expose dark side of Zoos

Steven Sealberg announced that Blackfish 2 would expose the humans for the hypocritical sh*t sacks that they were. Whilst they were busy celebrating and patting themselves on the back for turning on Sea World he would hit them where it hurt. Right in the face with a heavy Sealbergian dose of reality. He would film and expose the fact that all animals in human zoos were suffering the same treatment as the Killer Whales in Blackfish.

Did other animals not posses the same intelligence as Orca? They suffered the same fate at the animals in Blackfish. At some point they or a relative of theirs was captured brutally from the wild. Then they were packed in tight cramped tanks and cages and shipped all over the world. Finally, they were put on display in big cages or enclosures. These were tiny and most were about 1% of the size of their natural roaming habitats. Their natural majestic beauty was reduced to a bored human child banging on the glass at them. What a humiliation for the lions, tigers, bears and other big mammals.

The hypocritical humans utterly enraged Steven Sealberg. He has vowed to use Blackfish 2 to expose the hypocrisy of Zoos.


Blackfish 2
Blackfish 2 to showcase the plight of Zoo animals

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