“Steven Sealberg to re-release Jaws with humans as shark eating baddies”

News from the Natural World: Steven Sealberg is set to re-release the human film classic Jaw with humans as the shark eating baddies.

News from the Natural World: Steven Sealberg is set to re-release the human film classic Jaws but a brand new baddie.

Jaws the movie was an instant success in the human world of Hollywood and narcissistic debauchery. The great human movie director Steven Spielberg had created an overnight classic that delighted and thrilled humans. The movie revolved around a deadly Great White Shark that preyed on the humans of an American seaside resort. The killer shark chomps and bites its way through a handful of unsuspecting swimmers. As the film progresses it develops a lust for human blood. The film builds to a crescendo in which the Great White Shark is destroyed by the heroic humans. Life returns to normal and the humans go on their way.

As well as being a huge success the film also caused humans to greatly fear the depths of the ocean. In fact, Jaws has been blamed for creating all human animosity towards sharks. Many critics argue that Jaws directly caused this human hatred of sharks.

Jaws set to get new villain

Steven Sealberg
Steven Sealberg was not impressed with the original Jaws

But the animal kingdoms very own Steven Sealberg has stepped up to retell the story of Jaws. He has vowed to do so in a more realistic way. He’d managed to secure the rights to the movie after speaking with an unlikely candidate. He’d set about convincing the original human writer of the book Jaws, Peter Benchley, that he was the right animal for the job. Peter Benchley was famously distraught at the reaction to the film Jaws. In fact, he spent his entire life trying to save the Great White Sharks from the destruction that the film caused. He was also keen for an animal to tell the story. So he immediately transferred the movie rights to Steven Sealberg. He knew that finally, an animal was the right candidate to retell the story. For too long he had watched humans distort the truth.

Steven Sealberg furious with original Jaws film

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