“BP accuses Greenpeace of violent greenwashing campaign”

News from the Natural World: BP has accused Greenpeace of a violent and aggressive greenwashing campaign.

News from the Natural World: BP has accused Greenpeace of a violent and aggressive greenwashing campaign.

The oil and gas leviathan that is known as British Petroleum, or BP, is one the human worlds greediest creations. Humans have developed these colossal entities known as ‘companies’. These such ‘companies’ operate for the sole benefit of humans and at the expense of all other life on earth. In addition they are maintained by thousands of humans working together towards some nonsense goal. Some animals refer to these companies as the humans “Cults of Capitalism” like some kind of mad new religion.

Greenpeace putting rubbish and plastic in the ocean

BP is one of the largest of these companies. As of 2018, BP was the sixth-largest oil and gas company worldwide based on market value. In 2019, they reported around 278.4 billion U.S. dollars of revenue, which also placed it in the top ten within the whole industry. BP employs around 70,100 humans all around the world. But BP has recently been angered by another of these human entities called Greenpeace. BP has been quietly minding its own business and totally and definitely ethically extracting billions of $$$ of Mother Earths most precious material. In addition they have been doing this with no adverse ecological effects and investing all profit into renewable energy. They were the greenest of the green, they were advancing the possibilities of renewable energy. That is until Greenpeace came into the picture.

BP accuse Greenpeace of greenwashing

BP said that Greenpeace and began targeting their solar panel farms, trashing their wind turbines and blowing up their geothermal plants. Also, they had been trying to drag BP’s good and honest name through the mud. They accused the oil giant of misleading the public and ‘greenwashing” the truth about their business. These nefarious humans had no interest in renewable energy they declared, it’s all a big con! But the Sith Oil Lord has decided to fight fire with fire and turned their lawyers on Greenpeace. They have instead accused Greenpeace of greenwashing themselves and argued that Greenpeace just wanted to keep BP as the evil baddy. Oil and Gas companies always get a bad break they said!

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