“The Terminature – humans build super robot to finally finish nature off for good”

News from the Natural World: The Terminature - humans have built a super robot to finally finish nature off once and for all.
News from the Natural World: The Terminature – humans have built a super robot to finally finish nature off once and for all. The human race has long desired the complete and utter destruction of the natural world. It has been a guiding light and unifying mission for all of humanity. Their rapid evolution from hunter-gatherer apes into mindless, destructive and genocidal humans was fuelled by this lust to conquer. The animal kingdom has long been confused by this desire to plunder and destroy. We animals know that we are totally dependent on our little biosphere for our survival. There is a saying in the animal kingdom, “Destroying the natural world is like shitting in your own cave”.
The Terminature robot is hear
But the apparent obviousness of NOT destroying and abusing your home has been lost on the human world. In their greed, lust and anger they have launched a new initiative to finish of the natural kingdom once and for all. The Platypus managed to uncover a secret human project that would change the course of all life on earth. The humans had been developing special robots designed to kill, destroy and target all flora and fauna. But they didn’t stop there, they decided to build a super robot. One that comprised all of the worst elements of humanity and all of their best weapons. They called this new avenger, The Terminature.

Terminature super robot to destroy nature

The Terminature stood 25ft tall, had a sixth sense for detecting critically endangered animals and could scan a lifeforms DNA in a second to determine if it was non-human. It also had nuclear reactors for eyeballs, hydrogen bomb guns for arms and an extra big foot for treating Hedgehogs like footballs. They managed to distil the brain juices of a Christian Creationist, a Flat Earther, Climate Change Denier and Donald Trump. This lethal concoction was then transplanted into The Terminature. Then it was melded into its AI mind. The humans have unleashed this robot onto the natural world. As animals run and tremble in fear the humans sit back to watch the carnage unfold. But will the Terminature stick to its job or turn against its human overlords?

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