“Grizzly Bear shot after trying to take selfie with human”

News from the Natural World: Grizzly Bear shot after trying to take selfie with human.

News from the Natural World: Grizzly Bear shot after trying to take selfie with human.

Garry the Grizzly Bear was well known in the bear community of Yosemite National Park in the USA. He was a caring family bear, keen woods bear and a lover of the great outdoors. Garry was also one of the best at finding beehives and extracting honey. Unfortunately, he passed away yesterday morning, October 5th 10.30 am. Garry died instantly from a gunshot wound to the head. He is survived by his mate, Geraldine and his 3 cubs named Small, Medium and Large. But how did such a well known and well-loved bear come to meet such a grizzly end?

Grizzly Bear
Grizzly Bear attempts to take selfie with human

Garry the Grizzly Bear had always had an interest in humans. He had observed the humans ever since he was a cub, watching their ways and learning. One afternoon he noticed the humans taking out strange shiny objects and pointing them at themselves and grinning like buffoons. Oh how they would smile, pout, and grin. Garry had never seen such unbridled joy as well as such shameless smiling. He set out and acquired an iPhone 11 and immediately got to learning its ways. Next, he went straight to Google to understand what the humans were doing. He found that humans had adopted a new craze and were taking what was called a ‘selfie’. In addition, they were deliberately coming to his home in Yosemite to try and take selfies with his species, the Grizzly Bear. Furthermore, they were coming to the valley he called home.

Grizzly Bear death by selfie

He saw on the internet that taking a selfie had become socio-cultural capital. In addition, the humans had replaced the autograph in the age of unadulterated internet obsession. Garry finally knew he had to try and take a selfie with a human. If he succeeded he would be truly famous and loved amongst the Grizzly Bear community. Garry managed to locate a human the next morning. He knew the key to taking a selfie was to sneak up on the object, turn your camera, and grin like a buffoon. Garry could never have predicted what would happen next.

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