Turkey & Dog don’t care what humans think of their interspecies romance

News from the Natural World: Turkey & Dog don't care what humans think after starting a new interspecies romance.

News from the Natural World: Turkey & Dog don’t care what humans think after starting a new interspecies romance.

A Turkey & Dog in Alabama, USA, has launched beak and snout first into a joyous new relationship. Turkey, named Tricia, and the Dog, named Dexter, announced their romance last week. In addition to meeting on a farm, they spend a lot of their time together taking long walks and playing in the forest. Their relationship continued to blossom as they both enjoyed eating poop and sniffing and pecking at random objects. However, despite their clear love for each other, the romance has met with huge objections from the human world.

Turkey & Dog
Turkey & Dog don’t care what you think!

When the human population of Alabama found out they were disgusted. How dare a Turkey & Dog breed, it was inbred, it was disgusting. This view was rather ironic given that the star crossed lovers were in redneck country but the consternation persisted nonetheless. The humans continued to harass them and objected to their interspecies union.

The Platypus managed to secure an interview with the young lovers. When we quizzed them on their interspecies relationship we were shocked by their statement. “We actually got the idea from humans, to be honest. Humans have been constantly forcing animals from different species to interbreed to suit their human requirements. Just look at Ligers, Asses, Tigons, Zebrippos, and Giranteaters. Humans have been forcing animals to interbreed for centuries. So we thought we’d save them the hassle and just do it ourselves. There was also a human children’s TV series called “Cow & Chicken”. We found that really inspiring.”

Turkey & Dog romance reaches new heights

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