Extinction-Factor – endangered animals to sing for survival in new TV show

News from the Natural World: Ex-Factor - the human world has launched a new TV show that will feature endangered animals singing for their survival.

News from the Natural World: Extinction-Factor – the human world has launched a new TV show that will feature endangered animals singing for their survival.

The human race has launched a highly controversial new TV program. The new show is by far the most extreme and polarising content produced by the human world. They were not content to just watch celebrities eat animals alive and also torture them in weird challenges in a jungle. Humans have moved one step further into a whole new realm of entertainment. They have revamped the popular series called the X-Factor. This time around there will be a whole new set of contestants. The contestants will all be endangered animals.

Extinction-Factors previous victims of exploitation

Extinction-Factor will feature 10 endangered animals who will be singing for their species survival. In addition, each week one of the animals will be voted off and their entire species will be exterminated. The producers have chosen animals who are already on the brink to heighten their sense of anxiety and pain. They have picked the Vaquita, Amur Leopard, Saola, Blue Whale, Snow Leopard, Red Panda, Kakapo, Olive Ridley Sea Turtle, Tonkin Snub-Nosed Monkey, and the Hirola.

Ex-Factor animals to sing for supper

Simon Cowell is the mastermind behind the new format. He said “When you’ve been ruthlessly exploiting human children for decades it gets a bit boring. I wanted a new victim, someone even easier to exploit for profit. I knew that endangered animals were the perfect candidates.” Simon went on to say that exploitation was the name of the game and that the audience always loved it when the performer was at their weakest and most vulnerable. “48 Javan Rhinos left! Just imagine how nervous you’d be if there were only 48 of your species and your performance could make or break their survival. It’s going to make SUCH GREAT TELLY.”

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