Canine driving the next logical step in human and dog relations

News from the Natural World: Canine driving is the clear next logical step in human and dog relations.

News from the Natural World: Canine driving is the next logical step in human and dog relations.

Humans and dogs have long been partners in crime. The age-old debate of who domesticated who continues to rage even today. Was it the dogs who wandered close to the fire for an easy meal? Or was it the humans who lured the dogs to their camps to act as guards and hunters? For centuries humans and dogs have been inseparable, some even refer to humans as “A Dogs Best Friend”. As we enter the 21st Century the bond has grown and grown to unprecedented levels.

Canine drivers finally take to the road

Humans even create Instagram accounts for their dogs, they lavish gifts and presents on them. Also, some humans dress them up in silly outfits. In addition, many humans even allow their dogs to sleep in their beds and eat from the table. Dogs are entering humans’ lives in ways never before seen. They are going to work with their humans and offices are adapting to accommodate four-pawed beasts. Finally, some humans even carry their Dogs around in handbags or prams, truly a sign of the social-climbing ability of Dogs. But Human and Dog relations have just entered a whole new chapter.

Canine driving school launched

For the first time ever the Canine species are being encouraged to learn to drive. Humans are advocating for Canine rights and believe that all dogs should have the right to drive for a walk whenever they like. Many humans argue that dog driving is the clear logical next step in the relationship between the two species. The Dogs are on board as well, they stated that for too long have they sat by and watched as they had to rely on the humans choosing when they could go out. Not anymore! The famous L-plate for learner drivers will be adapted to include a paw print. Also, Dogs will have to refrain from sniff driving, a dangerous activity where the dog drives whilst keeping its nose entirely out of the driver’s window. But despite these rules, the Canine species is getting behind the wheel.

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