Queen Bee hit single “Toots, Quacks and Pips” goes to Number 1

News from the Natural World: Queen Bee hit single "Toots, Quacks and Pips" goes to Number 1.

News from the Natural World: Queen Bee hit single “Toots, Quacks and Pips” goes to Number 1.

The animal kingdom has a new musical genius. Arising from the insect world this brand new sound is taking the world by storm. No one had ever heard such a noise and it has remained undiscovered for thousands of years. Humans have filled the airwaves with a banal and monotonous racket. In addition they have given us many musical horrors from Westlife to One Direction and every single boyband in between. Truly the animal kingdom has had enough of the turgid musical waste that emanates from the human species. But today marks a turning point, there is finally a new species sitting on top the music charts, the Queen Bee.

Queen Bee is the animal kingdoms greatest singer, her albums and singles have long dominated the natural world. She is loved and respected by all animals except one, the humans. Queen Bee, also known as Beeyonce had been completely ignored by the human music world. They failed to hear her groundbreaking 2016 album “Pollenade” and 2003 debut album “Dangerously in Hive”. The humans music ranking system Spotify completely ignored her top singles “If I Were a Wasp”, “Run the Colony” and even her recording breaking “Crazy in Honey”. She had been dismissed by the humans until a startling discovery…

Queen Bee on top again

Queen Bee
Not that Queen Bee you human plonker!

Human scientists at Nottingham Trent University in the UK used highly sensitive vibration detectors to decode the sounds made by Queen Bee. Within the beehive it is the Queen is the special one whilst the worker bees act as her minions. They grow in special eggs and are fed a strange royal jelly by these minion bees. The human scientists discovered that each queen will make a quacking noise when they’re ready to hatch. Once the queen emerges from her egg, her quacks turn to toots announcing her arrival to the other bees. Upon the news she released her new single “Toots, Quacks and Pips” to the human scientists. It immediately went viral as the humans clamoured to hear the new sound.

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