Animals measure time with Before Dodo Extinction and After Dodo Extinction

News from the Natural World: Animals measure of time has finally been uncovered by humans for the first time ever.

News from the Natural World: Animals measure of time has finally been uncovered by humans for the first time ever.

The human world measures time in many different ways. By about 2000 b.c.e humans had begun to measure time mechanically. Eventually, a weight falling under the force of gravity was substituted for the flow of water in time devices, a precursor to the mechanical clock. The first recorded examples of such mechanical clocks are found in the fourteenth century. Against this setting, they also recorded the days, weeks, months and years against different calendars. Egyptian, Babylonian, India, Chinese, Mesoamerican, Hellenic, Roman, Gregorian and the most commonly used Julian calendar. This sets the time that humans measure as 365 days a year. Also, it creates to timeframes of B.C, before Christ and A.D, anna Domini or after the year of our lord. But humans never knew how animals measure time, until now.

Animals measure
Animals measure time BDE

The human race uncovered secret documents from Area 52 (the hidden animal base where animals keep secrets from the human race). The secret documents showed exactly how animals measure time, how many days they record in a year and their belief system around time itself. The documents showed that animals view time as a constant helix. Imagine an infinite Slinky stretching into a giant circle, constant circular expansion of time. The animals recognised that time wasn’t linear and the human definition of time as measured by numbers was exceptionally primitive. In addition, the animals said that some humans had come close to the right answers, the Native Americans measured the months of the year according to the moon. The Snow Moon for January, The Planting Moon for May, The Beaver Moon for November. But as usual with humans, the most intelligent were obliterated.

Animals measure time from Dodo death

In addition to the helix Slinky, the animals refused to measure time in seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks or years. These were pointless restrictions of control and power designed by humans to create a colossal illusion that death wasn’t inevitable. But animals knew that they were merely timeless vessels for atoms passing from one energy source to another. However, the animals did have one measurement for time. In fact, it was the only aspect of time measurement at all. They measured before and after a single crucial event. This single crucial event occurred in 1,681 and was the nucleus of all animal time. They called it B.D.E and A.D.E or Before Dodo Extinction and After Dodo Extinction. 1,681 was the year that humans killed the last Dodo. This marked a decisive turning point in animal history.

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