Beetroot powered cars & carbon tax for pencils – more conservation ideas from the Left

News from the Natural World: Beetroot powered cars & carbon tax for pencils - finally, the Left has come up with some more sound conservation ideas for the middle ground.
  1. Only by shouting louder and louder directly at people could you change someone’s mind. They recommended that when encountering someone in the middle 80% of humanity, the louder you shouted at them the better.
  2. Beetroot Powered Cars
  3. Carbon Tax for Pencils to reduce carbon emissions as well as detritus
  4. Limiting humans to only 3 farts a day to cut methane emissions
  5. Solar Panels attached to all pigeons to generate electricity in urban areas
The Platypus tried to persuade the humans that these weren’t reasonable suggestions and would never persuade anyone. All they would achieve would be to alienate the 80% in the middle and give more ammunition to the 10% on the far right to shoot down their ideas. Alas the humans wouldn’t listen and the far left of the conservation movement marched onwards. TAKE ACTION – NOW Read more articles like this – here Find out who the Platypus is – here

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