Great Indian Bustard bird starts tweeting more to save its species

News from the Natural World: The Great Indian Bustard birds has started putting more effort into its tweets.

News from the Natural World: The Great Indian Bustard birds has started tweeting more to save its species.

The Great Indian Bustard bird is found on the Indian subcontinent. It is a large bird with a horizontal body and long bare legs, giving it an Ostrich like appearance. In addition, it is among the heaviest of the flying birds. But the Great Indian Bustard bird is also critically endangered. In fact it is one of the rarest birds in the world, there are only 200 of them left.

Great Indian Bustard
There are only 200 Great Indian Bustard birds left

Their population has been wiped out by hunting, collisions with high tension electric wires, fast moving vehicles and free-ranging dogs in villages. Furthermore they have suffered great habitat loss as a result of widespread agricultural expansion and mechanised farming. The Great Indian Bustard bird has been pushed to extinction by the human race. But a plucky bird by the name of Brahma had come up with a plan.

Great Indian Bustard starts tweeting more

Brahma was the most intelligent of all the Great Indian Bustard birds. The only way to save his species was to get more attention. But with only 200 of his species left what could he do? Brahma started researching humans to understand how they managed to get so much attention. He decided to analyse the greatest attention seeker of them all, the President of the United States.

Brahma noticed that Donald Trump got so much attention because he was tweeting all the time. Not only was he constantly tweeting he was also taking a lot of care and crafting his tweets to seek as much attention as possible. Brahma noticed that Trump wasn’t the only human tweeting for attention, they were all at it. In fact tweeting for attention had become a viral activity. Brahma knew how he could save his species.

Great Indian Bustard
The Great Indian Bustard copied the master tweeter of them all

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