UK Gov to Allow Rare Animals on Rides at Theme Park Built on Swanscombe Marshes

News from the Natural World: UK Gov to allow rare birds to go on rides at Themepark built on Swanscombe Marshes.
News from the Natural World: UK Gov is to allow rare birds to go on rides at a Themepark built on Swanscombe Marshes. The Swanscombe Marshes is a beautiful mix of local nature reserves, marshes and pasture in England, UK. In addition, it is currently home to 1,992 species of invertebrates including 250 of conservation concern. The peninsula is also home to incredibly rare species such as the distinguished jumping spider. This tiny leaping critter is a critically endangered arachnid only found in one other location in Britain. The marshes have long been a haven for wildlife in the UK, a rare unspoilt wilderness free from the rampant destruction of humans. However, that is all about to change as the Marshes stand on the precipice of a potentially fatal new threat.
UK Gov
The Swanscombe Peninsula
The Swanscombe Peninsula has been earmarked for a new theme park called the London Resort. The London Resort will be feature rides inspired by shows from BBC Studios, ITV Studios and Paramount Pictures. Also, it will have a myriad of hotels, restaurants and a conference centre. The UK Gov also said that a rollercoaster was judged to be “nationally significant infrastructure”. But the ambitious £3.5bn plans for the biggest theme park in Britain besides the Thames threaten what many conservationists have said is the best site in the country for rare invertebrates. But never fear, the UK Government said that the animals of the Swanscombe Peninsula had nothing to worry about, the government had a plan.

UK Government to Allow Animals on Rides

UK Government spokesperson Hatt Mancock had this to say “Don’t worry about all the little animals and invertebrates. We’re going to let all the animals go on the rides and have access to the theme park. Each locally displaced animal will have a permit pass that will grant access for free once a month. Furthermore we will run a 2 for 1 on Wednesdays and there will be no height restrictions. So even that jumping spider can get on the rides. Problem solved!” But local human conservationists have responded in horror. “Why don’t you just leave it alone? Nature is beautiful, these Marshes are beautiful, it has taken years and years for this habitat to build itself. And you think a couple of rollercoasters and MacDonalds will improve it? Or that we need to do it to create jobs? Why not just create jobs to protect the environment rather than destroy it?” “Well now, there wouldn’t actually be any MacDonalds, the contract is with Burger King.”

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