Animals Confused that Humans Thought Capitalism Might Value Life Over Wealth

News from the Natural World: Animals are confused that humans thought capitalism might value life over wealth.

News from the Natural World: Animals confused that humans thought capitalism might value life over wealth.

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, the human world has been pushed to the brink like never before. Its systems, beliefs and societal structures have been creaking under the wake of the virus. It is humans greed and destruction of the natural world which has led to the increased likelihood of exposure to novel coronaviruses. The more humans have destroyed the natural world the more they expose themselves to these threats. COVID-19 has acted as an almost metaphorical microcosmic mirror, highlighting the futility of humanities desire to control, destroy and exploit the natural world.

Human life less important than human wealth

As the number of cases and deaths rise exponentially and the public commitment to lockdowns wavers many human governments are opening back up. In fact, some like Brazil and the US have barely shut down. Many human leaders have decided that the economy is more important than human lives. Where once the news of 10 deaths was a shock, now thousands are dying every day but humans just want to go back to the pubs, cinemas and restaurants. Who cares if more humans die, at least the economy will be ok…

Animals confused
Animals confused that humans continue to worship capitalism

Many humans are protesting against this system, they cry that human lives are worth more than the economy and numbers on a spreadsheet. Let’s just tax some billionaires an extra 1% and we could save all these human lives. However, humans are turning on each other and carrying on regardless. They are acting like the virus has gone, like it’s disappeared. Again the humans have constructed a new global narrative that they have beaten the virus. But the animal kingdom is not fooled. It’s a bit like Dr Frankenstein creating his monster, his monster then attacking him and nearly beating him to death and then Dr Frankestein stabbing him to death at the last moment. Dr Frankestein claims ‘victory’. He claims that he defeated the monster… or didn’t you just create it in the first place?

Animals confused by human lack of awareness

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