Why I’m No Longer Talking to White Humans About Conservation

News from the Natural World: Why I’m No Longer Talking to White Humans About Conservation.

News from the Natural World: Why I’m No Longer Talking to White Humans About Conservation.

Racism has too heavily influenced the global conservation movement. One survey conducted showed that across environmental NGOs 88% of staff and 95% of boards were white humans. In addition, the conservation movement has espoused the ‘white saviour’ complex. This tactic involves putting an attractive white human in front of an animal and filming it. Careful attention is paid to ensure that no one other than white humans makes it onto the camera. Furthermore, history has been completely rewritten. Western conservation tells the story of how the last remaining areas of wilderness and high biodiversity are under threat. That so many animals are on the brink and the evil non-white countries are to blame. Indonesia, Brazil, India, Tanzania, China… all of these countries and more are not doing enough to protect the natural world. However, the true picture tells a different story.

Why I’m No Longer Talking to White Humans About Conservation

In reality, the white human world destroyed all of its biodiversity in their own countries first. European countries have chopped down on average 60% of their trees, exterminated most of their large megafauna and harvested the remaining land for agriculture.

White humans
The truth of what White Humans did

Not content to stop at destroying their own natural world they then invaded others. The western human world was built on the back of natural resources stolen and blundered from non-white countries. As if that wasn’t enough they then started demanding endless products and materials from these countries. Not only that but they wanted them cheaper and in greater quantities. Oh, and also they wanted to fly back to these countries in their millions and create huge carbon footprints. They’d do this to take photos of the animals and say they’d ticked them off their ‘list’. Then the final step was to pretend that none of this happened and that the only people who could save the natural world were white humans.

Western Conservation Strategy – how to be a DICK

  1. Destroy – all biodiversity and nature in your own country
  2. Invade – other countries and destroy their biodiversity and nature for profit
  3. Consume – through rampant consumerism demand endlessly cheap products and materials from these countries and further destroy their biodiversity through tourism
  4. Kill – whitewash the conservation movement and exclude non-white humans

Animals fed up with white human conservation

In the rare event that genuine conservation atrocities make the white human news, armchair environmentalists rapidly declare how we should sacrifice non-white human lives to save an animal they have only seen in a zoo or on TV. Conservation suffers greatly from the racist delusion that humans in the developing world can’t look after their own land and animals.

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