Protests Erupt Against Santa’s Climate Footprint and Reindeers Methane Emissions

News from the Natural World: Protests have erupted across the UK against Santa's climate footprint.

News from the Natural World: Protests have erupted across the UK against Santa’s climate footprint.

The protests started after an aggressive campaign led by “Self Righteous Lunatics R’Us”. SRLRU are a militant ultra hard left wing political group. Detailed data was provided which showed the colossal size of his carbon emissions as well as flight times. This data had been collected over decades as “SRLRU” wanted to highlight the size of Santa’s contribution to climate change.

Santa's massive climate footprint
Santa as portrayed by the media

The data showed that Santa had clocked up a total of 986.4 billion air miles. He had to cover such a vast distance in order to visit every child in the world. He also had to do this every year since 1843, the year of his birth. On top of this his 7 reindeer had produced over 7 million metric tons of methane. That was from 7 reindeers emitting 6 farts per flight on average. Finally, the data also showed that because Santa used chimneys as his entry point, he dislodged soot. Because he disturbed so much soot as he went down chimneys this then went up the chimney and into the atmosphere.

Protests erupt against Santas climate footprint.

The data clearly showed his colossal volume of air miles, constant methane emissions from his reindeer and soot dislodgement. Huge protests erupted once the data was public. Many people marched on the streets and vented their anger at Santa. They waved banners and placards and as the anger rose the protests became violent. People began burning images of Santa as well as destroying presents. One protestor even shouted;

“Think of all those mince pies we left out for you. 1 for every household. That’s over 3 billion mince pies every year. F**k off you big bearded red and white bast**d.”

Santa was not happy with the protests. In fact he was incredibly angry because he knew the data wasn’t true. He confronted the angry crowds with tears filling his eyes. He shook with anger and told the crowd that they had created him, that it was incessant desire for more presents and objects that had consumed him. The human population had skyrocketed due to its inability to accept that death is a natural part of natures life cycle. Just you try sorting out presents for over a billion children every year.

Santa's massive climate footprint
Santa upset by the protests against his climate footprint

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