Sharks Accept 500,000 Deaths for COVID-19 Vaccine if Humans Ban Shark Fin Soup

News from the Natural World: Sharks accept 500,000 deaths for COVID vaccine if humans ban shark fin soup.

News from the Natural World: Sharks accept 500,000 deaths for COVID vaccine if humans ban shark fin soup.

According to recent reports, the production of a COVID-19 vaccine would have to result in the deaths of nearly 500,000 sharks worldwide. This is because the vaccine relies on an ingredient found predominantly within the livers of these deep-sea creatures. This ingredient is a substance added to vaccines to spur a more robust immune response. It can also lower the level of vaccine needed for each human patient, which could be very valuable for a vaccine that needs to be produced for a large number of people at once. Some vaccines for influenza strains are made using squalene oil, a naturally occurring substance found in the livers of sharks. The announcement was met with criticism and concern from groups who said it was too much of a sacrifice for the Sharks. But the Sharks had a cunning plan up their pectoral fin.

Sharks accept
Sharks accept vaccine loss in exchange for soup ban

The leader of the Sharks was called Jaws Doors the Shark with the Scores. He was a strange-looking Great White Shark, with a bald snout and baby-like appearance. But he was the spokesperson for Shark world. He said that the Sharks were prepared to do their bit to help the human race out. They knew that the COVID-19 Pandemic was wreaking havoc all over the planet and that the humans were suffering. Finally, the Sharks were prepared to give 500,000 of their lives for the vaccine. However, they had one condition. They wanted humans to do something for them in exchange. They said that only on this condition would they agree. The Sharks would accept 500,000 deaths for the COVID-19 vaccine if humans banned shark fin soup.

Sharks Accept Vaccine Deaths if they get Soup Ban

Shark Fin Soup was truly one of the greatest tragedies in the Shark world. In addition, Shark finning has caused catastrophic harm to the marine ecosystem and Shark psyche. Roughly 73-100 million sharks are killed each year by finning. Furthermore, a variety of shark species are threatened by shark finning, including the endangered scalloped hammerhead shark. That’s correct, roughly 73 – 100 million sharks every year are killed for soup. Jaws Doors the Shark with the Scores said that 500,000 lives for the COVID-19 vaccine were a small price to pay for stopping over 73 million deaths for Shark fin soup. The Sharks knew that it was also a fair deal. After all, you don’t need Shark Fin Soup in the same way that you need a vaccine. Surely the humans would agree to the deal. They sent off the email reply and got the following response;

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