Wildfires Ravaging The West Coast Actually Provide Perfect Selfie Lighting for Influencers

News from the Natural World: Wildfires Ravaging The West Coast Actually Provide Perfect Selfie Lighting

News from the Natural World: Wildfires ravaging the West Coast actually provide perfect selfie lighting for influencers.

Last month two fast-moving wildfires in the US triggered evacuation orders for 90,000 people in southern California. The Silverado Fire broke out in Orange County, south of Los Angeles. Later, another blaze, dubbed the Blue Ridge Fire, threatened nearby Yorba Linda. About 14,600 acres (5,900 hectares) have already been engulfed, officials said, and two firefighters have been seriously injured. The Silverado Fire, in the foothills of Irvine, is the larger of the two and quickly spread, fanned by strong winds and dry conditions. More than 70,000 residents were told to evacuate. Whilst the wildfires have caused untold devastation they have had a hidden benefit for some humans.

Wildfires Ravaging
Wildfires Ravaging the Human world

The wildfires have provided the perfect lighting for human influencers to take selfies. Many human influencers discovered this when they immediately started taking selfies as the fires approached. They said it was the only way they knew how to react, it was just SUCH GOOD CONTENT that they couldn’t pass up the opportunity. They popped out the old veneers, puckered up their pouts and turned their backs on the wildfires. The fires created such good lighting that the first posts went viral immediately. This brought countless other influencers who wanted to get in on the selfie action.

Wildfires Ravaging USA Benefit Influencers

However whilst the wildfires might be benefiting some human influencers they have a much sinister root cause. The causes of California’s devastating wildfires have become a political battleground. State Governor Gavin Newsom has blamed climate change while President Donald Trump has instead pointed to land management practices as the key driver. An analysis by scientists, published last month, found an “unequivocal and pervasive” role for climate change in driving the scale and impact of wildfires in California.

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