Top 50 Humans of the Year – By The Animals

News from the Natural World: Top 50 Humans of the Year - the list is finally in and the animals have agreed on this years, Top 50 Humans.

Number 20 – Tunde Morakinyo

Tunde is the founder of African Nature Investors and he is piously dedicated to working to protect some of Nigeria’s wild places and remaining elephants. It was growing up in Nigeria that turned him into a passionate conservationist. His parents would take him, his brother and sister on excursions every weekend to a forest reserve, a waterfall, a national park or to climb a mountain. As he grew older, Tunde became aware of the destruction of the forests in Nigeria and the fact that no one seemed to be doing anything about it. He was 16 when he decided that he was going to work to save Nigeria’s forests. Several decades later, Tunde is still as passionate as ever about conservation! However, the plight of Nigeria’s elephants is serious indeed. There are 4 or 5 scattered populations. All of which are threatened by ivory poaching and deforestation. However, Tunde believes things are looking up with Nigeria joining the EPI. In addition, there is a chance to attract serious funding for the protection of elephants in Nigeria and there is a growing political will in the country behind this. This hope is largely down to Tunde and his passion for the natural world.

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