Top 50 Humans of the Year – By The Animals

News from the Natural World: Top 50 Humans of the Year - the list is finally in and the animals have agreed on this years, Top 50 Humans.

Number 5 – Professor Lu Zhi, Peking University

Lü Zhi is a Chinese conservation biologist, panda expert and an expert on biodiversity. She is a professor at Peking University and also the Executive Director of the Peking University Center for Nature and Society.

Professor Lu Zhi is a leading conservation biologist in China whose research covers multiple-disciplinary fields and deals with complex sustainability issues for Chinese society as well as promoting China’s positive influence on the world. She is at the beating heart of one of the most centres for conservation. The field projects she leads include the ecosystem services of forests and grasslands, natural history and conservation strategies of endangered species such as the Giant Panda and the Snow Leopard. In recent years, she has focused on studying and practising the mechanism of community-led conservation and opportunities of coexistence between humans and nature in both rural and urban areas. In particular, she initiated various experiments testing conservation tools based on economic incentives, cultural value and policy improvements that may benefit local people from their conservation efforts.

Her approach to community-driven conservation and deep love for animals makes her our worthy fifth place.

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