Top 50 Humans of the Year – By The Animals

News from the Natural World: Top 50 Humans of the Year - the list is finally in and the animals have agreed on this years, Top 50 Humans.

Number 3 – Paula Kahumbu

Paula Kahumbu – One of our Top 50 Humans of the Year

Paula Kahumbu is a wildlife conservationist and Chief Executive Officer of WildlifeDirect. She is best known as a campaigner for elephants and wildlife, spearheading the Hands Off Our Elephants Campaign. Kahumbu is also an accomplished children’s book writer, co-authoring global best-sellers like Owen and Mzee: The True Story of a Remarkable Friendship, based on the unlikely friendship of hippopotamus and an Aldabra giant tortoise Owen and Mzee.

She combines grass roots activism with intellectual brawn and is a worthy number 3 on the list.

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