Top 50 Humans of the Year – By The Animals

News from the Natural World: Top 50 Humans of the Year - the list is finally in and the animals have agreed on this years, Top 50 Humans.

Number 42 – Jenny and Jimmy Desmond

Two of our Top 50 Humans of the Year

​Jenny and Jimmy Desmond are the founders of Liberia Chimpanzee Rescue and Protection (LCRP) in West Africa and its affiliate 501c3 in the United States, Partners in Animal Protection and Conservation (PAPC). Along with their team, Jenny and Jimmy work tirelessly to improve the lives of chimpanzees, both wild and orphaned, in Liberia. They care for chimpanzees who are orphaned as a result of the illegal bushmeat and wildlife trades. They spend their days conducting LCRP business, but at night, Jenny is “mom” to the orphans who are handed over to LCRP’s sanctuary by wildlife officials after confiscation. Without their support and help, countless orphaned chimpanzees would have no chance of survival. We salute them for their unwavering commitment, love and care with which they devote their lives to the Chimpanzees of Liberia.

Check out the fantastic work they do – here

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