Europeans Allowed to Cut Down Their Forests, Indonesians not Allowed to Cut Down Theirs

News from the Natural World: Europeans allowed to cut down their forests, Indonesians not allowed to cut down theirs.

News from the Natural World: Europeans allowed to cut down their forests, Indonesians not allowed to cut down theirs.

In a rather hypocritical display, European humans have exhibited severe animosity towards Indonesian humans. They are furious that the Indonesians are chopping down all of their forests and replacing them with crops which lead to economic gain. The European humans say that the Indonesians can’t do this, that it is wrong and they should stop. They say that they must protect the wildlife and the animals so that little Quentin and Priscilla can go and see Orang-utans on their gap years.

cut down their forests
Europeans cut down their forests

But the Indonesian humans say that it is not that simple. Why don’t you wealthy countries pay us not to cut down our forests? You’ve got enough money, you’ve all got 2 cars, big houses, Netflix, laptops for children and iPads for toddlers. We want to develop just as you have, we want to go on international holidays and reap the rewards that you have. But if we can do that without destroying our natural resources for profit then please tell us how?

Europe allowed to cut down its forests

But the European humans were confused. They couldn’t remember the fact that they had done exactly the same things to their own countries. The history books told a different story from the reality of their past. Over half of Europe’s endemic trees face extinction and colossal numbers of animals have gone extinct. The UK alone has lost its once native Lynx, Wolves, Walrus and Bears.

If European humans would just acknowledge that they were the first to completely destroy their own environments for profit then maybe other countries would listen. They cut down all their trees, dredged their rivers and slaughtered all their megafauna. Also, they even divided the land into nice little organised squares called fields. They hid all their tortured animals away in factories and slaughterhouses and pretended that buying the odd avocado or a bit of oat milk offset all that factory bred torture meat.

Indonesia not allowed to cut down theirs

The Indonesian humans said it was hard to listen to a bunch of hypocrites who spent centuries destroying their own forests then travelled halfway around the world to colonise other countries in order to destroy their forests. To the animal kingdom this endless cycle of hypocrisy was clear, if only European humans wrote their own history correctly then maybe other countries would listen.


cut down their forests
Stop it Indonesia, don’t cut down your forests

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