How to be a Better Human – Tips from the Animals

News from the Natural World: How to be a better human - the animals have finally published a list to help the human race out a bit.
News from the Natural World: How to be a better human – the animals have finally published a list to help the human race out a bit. Long has the animal kingdom watched on as the human race has misbehaved. Humans have ravaged and plundered Mother Earth for profit and personal gain. In addition to melting the icecaps and blowing holes in the ozone, they’ve also dropped atomic bombs and wiped out entire species. But we know it’s hard being human, the weight of that collective guilt can feel oppressive. In fact, it can be so oppressive that it inflicts ecological agoraphobia on humans where they’re paralysed into inaction. But if the animal kingdom is to survive then humans MUST ACT. And we here at The Platypus feel that its time to try to be an optimist about conservation. So we cobbled together the greatest thinkers of the animal kingdom, Immanuel Ant, Karl Markhor and Earwig Wittgenstein. They worked tirelessly to bring to you – How to be a Better Human – A List by the Animals;

How to be a Better Human – A list by the Animals

How To Be a Better Human
Stop what you’re doing humans!
  • Reasonable Alternatives – Offer reasonable alternatives when attempting to convince the middle ground of the need to reduce their carbon footprint. “Fly less” is going to be more effective than “never fly”. “Try oat milk” is going to work better than “never ever drink milk again”. When was the last time you changed your mind because someone shouted and preached at you?
  • Plastic Bananas – Never EVER buy bananas wrapped in plastic packaging. Do you have any idea how long it took Mother Earth to design the perfect natural packaging!? It’s fully biodegradable, durable and waterproof. Why would you need to put it in plastic packaging!!?? It’s just a full red card for that one.
  • Stay Local – Try to engage your fellow humans in the story of a local animal that is struggling. A distant species that someone has never heard of is unlikely to arouse feelings of empathy. Also, the big show-stopping species like Orangutans, Polar Bears, Panda etc get significant amounts of funding. Studies show that conservation strategies work best when local communities are empowered to protect their land and animals. The western world is no different in this respect. What animals are critically endangered in your own country? We guarantee you’ll be surprised.
How To Be a Better Human
How to be a better human – time to try something new

You’re Welcome Humans

  • Look in the Mirror – Before you try to tell other humans how to live their lives its best to hold up a mirror and have a look at your own actions. What can you change about yourself that will have an immediate impact? What habits can you start that will make a difference long term?
  • You’re Not a Bird – You really don’t need to fly that much, few times a year maybe and those international business trips are now all feeling a bit silly aren’t they… remember the internet is quite good at helping you connect and speak with people who aren’t in the same place.
  • Optimism –  In amongst the constant deluge of depressing tales there are many inspiring stories of successful conservation. Nature truly makes a difference in many humans lives, and we the animals know you’re not all bad. Telling the stories of those humans fighting for the natural world are the key to securing our planet’s future. So try and do your bit in telling these stories of conservation optimism so as to inspire change.
So there you have it, your 6 step plan to becoming a better human. There were plenty of other ones but our team boiled them down to these six essential ingredients. Remember you’re just another animal, you’re part of the animal kingdom and we, the rest of the animals, need your help. TAKE ACTION – NOW

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