Bury My European Bison Heart in an American Wallmart

News from the Natural World: Bury my Bison heart in an American Wallmart has become the epitah for the critically endangered European Bison.
News from the Natural World: Bury my European Bison heart in an American Wallmart has become the epitaph for the critically endangered European Bison. We were lucky enough to interview the spokesbison for all European Bison who had this to say; “Stop cutting down our home or we shall die!” My name is Bruno Bizon. I hold a doctorate in ecology from the University of Warsaw and my history appals me.
European Bison
European Bison worried about the history of other Bison
250yrs ago, 60million of our American cousins were grazing the high plains and prairies of North America in vast herds. Yet, by 1890, when the Lakota Sioux were massacred at the battle of Wounded Knee, only 541 buffalo remained. Humans exterminated them because many Native American tribes depended on them for their survival. In addition, they introduced domesticated cattle onto the grasslands and the buffalo caught diseases from these intruders. Today their numbers have recovered to 200,000 but they are corralled into National Parks, like the Native Americans living on reservations.

European Bison Worried About State of Affairs

I represent the 800 bison in the Bialowieza Forest, which straddles the borderlands of Poland and Belarus. My world is dying. We used to roam across the North European Plain from Russia to the Atlantic but, by the 1920s, humans had hunted us to extinction in the wild, incarcerating a few of us in their prisons. Some bison were released into small wooded enclaves but you won’t leave us alone! In addition, our forests are shrinking! Also, you allow logging, which is on the increase. Finally, you let humans gather firewood and one pretext used for deforestation was the need to eradicate a beetle! Our forest is a UNESCO world heritage site. What’s going on?

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