The Future Of Capitalism – Not Enough Trees Left to Print Money

News from the Natural World: The Future of Capitalism - there will not be enough trees left to print money.

News from the Natural World: The Future of Capitalism – there will not be enough trees left to print money.

The great financial experts of the animal kingdom have successfully predicted the future of human capitalism. Rabbit Warren Buffett, George Saurus and Peter Finch all put their heads together to formulate their thesis. Alongside these great financial experts, the major financial companies of the animal world had joined in the study. Ernst & Dung, Berkshire HathaWhale, PWSeal and even KPMGeese lent their expertise. But what was the conclusion of this report on the Future of Capitalism?

The Future Of Capitalism
Warren Buffett not a fan of Rabbit Warren Buffett

The animal experts came to the conclusion that in the human world there would not be enough trees left to print money. This was because the humans had presided over a colossal program of global deforestation and destruction of trees. In addition, there had been a colossal collapse of biodiversity and the worlds first mass extinction caused by a sixth species. So the prediction worked on two levels. The first that there would quite literally not be enough trees left to print any money. The second being that there would be no natural world left to support the capitalist market itself.

The Future Of Capitalism

It was clear to the animal experts that this mythical “market” could not exist without a physical world to support it. This was something that humans failed to grasp. They couldn’t accept that they were not only dependent on the natural world for their survival they were also part of it. The quest for constant profit was the greatest threat to the survival of the human race. It was clear to the animals that capitalism was a rather fancy cover-up for the word greed. But what solution did the animal financial experts offer?

Rabbit Warren Buffett said “Look its really not that complicated. You just have to make it really, REALLY expensive to destroy the natural world. So expensive that the private sector and capitalist market won’t bother trying. Alongside that you need strong and strict regulations and punishments for humans breaching this. Then you have to trust the market to find another way. Look what happened in the 1970s with the Ozone layer, the humans discovered that CFC’s were blasting a hole and regulated against them. The market found an innovative and ethical way round and everything continued without damaging either the environment or profit. Same with the plastic bag tax. If the market is as brilliant as these human capitalists say then why don’t they trust it to be able to co-exist with the natural world?”

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