Environmental Disclaimer – No Billionaires Were Harmed in the Destruction of the Natural World

News from the Natural World: Environmental Disclaimer - No Billionaires were harmed in the destruction of the natural world.

News from the Natural World: Environmental Disclaimer – No Billionaires were harmed in the destruction of the natural world.

The human world has released a new disclaimer regarding the destruction of the natural world. The UN produced a report assessing the impact of the denigration of the animal kingdom and biodiversity on the human population. They wanted to understand what impact there had been on humans of all sections of society. From those below the poverty line to those right at the top of the magic money tree. But the report showed some horrifying realities facing humans. It clearly showed that not a single billionaire was or would be harmed by the destruction of the natural world. Not only that but everyone else would be threatened with colossal negative changes to their way of life, drought, famine, pandemics and death.

Environmental Disclaimer
Environmental Disclaimer – None of these dudes affected

But what are Billionaires? Billionaires are parasitic leeches. They create and hoard vast amounts of wealth for themselves and perpetuate the myth that this wealth trickles down to the rest of the humans. This isn’t true. They in fact monopolise wealth in the hands of a tiny majority and destroy small competition. What’s better for humans, 1 mega retail company like Amazon or thousands and thousands of small, sustainable, self-sufficient independent retailers. Strangely the human world celebrates these Billionaires, they create lists glorifying them. We animals just don’t understand it, we wouldn’t celebrate the Lion who had slaughtered all the Wildebeast on the Serengeti and left nothing left for the rest of the pride. But humans love them.

Environmental Disclaimer

These Billionaires even manage to avoid paying taxes and use legal loopholes to dodge tax and hoard even more profit. They control the media conglomerates and control the narrative of human consciousness. They’ve managed to convince humans that the poorest of their societies, those on benefits and social welfare, are the ones stealing from the state. Rather than the richest of the richest who dodge tax personally and within their companies. There were 2,825 billionaires in the world in 2019, up 8.5% from 2,604 billionaires in 2018, according to market research firm Wealth-X. That’s the most billionaires there have been since Wealth-X began tracking the numbers in 2010.

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