New Species of Whale Says They’ve Discovered A New Species of Great Ape

News from the Natural World: New Species of Whale says they've been here all along.

News from the Natural World: New Species of Whale says they’ve discovered a new species of Great Ape.

This week humans announced the ‘discovery’ of a second new species of Whale around the North American coast. However, the cetacean community is becoming increasingly irate with humanity’s attitude towards ‘discovery’.

New Species of Whale
New Species of Whale is finally ‘discovered’

Hydrophones across the world’s oceans have been picking up mocking, angry songs and clicks directed at the planet’s dominant species from a wide variety of marine mammals. With Whales and Dolphins of all sorts banding together in solidarity.

In an unprecedented display of unity, twin spokeswhales; an Orca, representing the Odontoceti, and a Humpback delegate for all Mysticeti, put forward their points to an underwater seismic listening device near the Azores.

New Species of Whale Irked

Humpback bachelor Atlas, was the first to speak. “You’re taking the piss right? ‘Rice’s Whales’? You’ve only just noticed an 11m animal that lives immediately south of the USA? And you’ve decided to name them in honour of a human? This is unbelievable. I am genuinely lost for words. I’m so upset with humanity that I’ve agreed to be here next to this bitch. She eats our calves, that’s how bad this is. Humans apparently like my kind for singing and acrobatics and the fact that we keep other mammals safe from sharks and these black and white bastards and all the while you’ve been paying literally no attention.

She gritted her baleen and carried on “It was bad enough when you started killing us for oil, that was pretty rough, and then you largely stopped that, thanks for doing the right thing at the 11th hour, but then you went and made most of the ocean deafeningly loud.”

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