Avocados From South America, Not Eggs From Down The Road – Militant Vegan Ideas

News from the Natural World: Avocados from South America not eggs from down the road - sensible vegan conservation ideas.

News from the Natural World: Avocados from South America, not eggs from down the road – sensible militant vegan conservation ideas.

We have a new top contender for the most sensible militant vegan conservation idea. But first, we must separate militant vegans from normal vegans. Normal vegans are well-meaning humans who are doing their part to limit animal suffering and reduce their negative human footprint. However, it is the rise of militant Veganism that threatens to undermine all the good that many Vegans have done. But we’ve seen this all before, it just has another name, Religion.

Religion too has an overwhelming majority of peaceful, well-meaning followers who are trying to leave the world a better place and following the God that their culture, tradition or belief gave rise to. But militants have hijacked these religions. They sit in colossal cathedrals and mosques of great wealth and protect child molesters and tell women not to drive. It is these same militants who have taken over Veganism. They are quite simply people who love power and self-righteous ranting.

Avocados From South America
Avocados from South America not eggs from down the road

Whilst many argue that the Veganism movement has helped persuade many people to eat less meat there are others who argue that it has done more harm than good. Maybe many people are eating less meat and animal products out of guilt and awareness of what humans have done to the planet. It’s not because of Veganism it’s because they want to reduce their negative impact on the earth. But Veganism claims to have a monopoly on wanting to eat fewer animal products. This is nonsense. You can care about the planet, promote conservation, fly less, eat fewer animal products but still enjoy an organic free-range egg from the smallholding down the road. Veganism doesn’t have a monopoly on reducing your meat intake.

Avocados From South America, Not Eggs From Down The Road

But militant Veganism abhors this reasonable approach. This has clear echoes of other religions and their baseless claims that they invented morality. Catholic Christianity also claims that despite many misgivings it invented morality. Despite being responsible for the widespread and rampant raping of small boys, complete destruction of indigenous communities in the name of God and the amassing of hoards of wealth at the expense of the poor. The Catholic church still argues that “Yes but the ten commandments are good. Do not kill, Do not steal. We invented these and people would be lost without them.” What absolute utter bollocks, humans all over the globe in a myriad of self evolutionary tribes developed unique codes of ethics and morality without the help of a Christian principle. These are basic elements of human morality, you don’t need religion to recognise right from wrong.

It is much the same with Veganism. You don’t need to be a Vegan to recognise that the mass industrialisation of the meat industry is utterly horrific. Also, you don’t need to be a Vegan to know that most animals in the western world suffer terrible abuse, hormone injections, cramped conditions and a life of abject misery. Furthermore, you don’t need to be a Vegan to want to limit the suffering of animals. But you’re also not a bad person if you think that eating an egg from a local smallholding seems to make more sense than ordering loads of Avocados all the way from South America.

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