Can’t Foreigners Change Instead? Ask Westerners Faced with Self Inflicted Ecological Disaster

News from the Natural World: Can't foreigners change instead? Ask all Westerners faced with self-inflicted ecological disaster.

News from the Natural World: Can’t foreigners change instead? Ask all Westerners faced with self-inflicted ecological disaster.

All of the scientific evidence points to the fact that the overwhelming cause of the ecological disaster is the Western World. One leading human climate scientist says emissions could be cut by a third within a year if well-off westerners changed their lifestyle. In fact, global carbon emissions could be cut by one-third within 12 months if affluent westerners changed their way of life immediately. More than half of the carbon dioxide pollution that causes a large part of global warming comes from the 10% best-off people on the planet.

Can’t Foreigners Change Instead?
Consumerism in the Western World not allowed in foreign countries

However, this really doesn’t fit with the narrative of the western world. Their narrative is that consumers need to keep buying more and more and that profits need to grow and grow. They argue that the natural world is something that happens in foreign countries. In addition, the really good animals aren’t in the western world and the bits that need to be protected are in other foreign countries. They urge people to donate to charities in foreign countries and blame the developing world whilst simultaneously presiding over the greatest ecological collapse the world has ever seen. How are your Iberian Lynxes doing Spain? What about those Wildcats in the UK? Anything going wrong with your Condors California?

Can’t Foreigners Change Instead?

It became apparent that Westerners really didn’t think it would be them that would have to change. After a comprehensive review of all Westerners, it was discovered that not a single one thought that they already had enough things and didn’t need anything else. In fact, all of them questioned why they had to change at all;

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