Vampires Debate Whether it’s Ethical to Eat Humans in the 21st Century

News from the Natural World: Vampires debate whether it's ethical to eat humans in the 21st century.

News from the Natural World: Vampires debate whether it’s ethical to eat humans in the 21st century.

A group of leading Vampires has started to question whether they can continue to eat humans. The group is led by Fang Shui, a forward-thinking Chinese Vampire. He wrote a book called “Do Humans Dream of Eternal Life”. In it, he posed the question as to whether it was ethical to eat as many humans as the Vampires did. Fang Shui argued that the humans had emotions, that they could feel pain and that they were, to a degree, intelligent. Certainly not as intelligent as Vampires but in some rudimentary way they possessed a brain.

Fang Shui also argued that if the Vampires continued to harvest the humans at the current rate of consumption they would run out of humans. There would be nothing left to eat. Even now they were having to rely on large human farms where the humans were kept in tiny cages and pumped full of blood transfusions. Fang Shui had taken the Vampire world by storm.

Vampire debate rages

Vampires Debate
Fang Shui at the centre of the Vampire debate

But Fang Shui had his critics. Count Veinessa was dead against it. She raised strong opposition to what she viewed as irrelevant claims. She said that humans were just exactly the same as any other prey. Eat, Sleep, Shit, Repeat. Their lives were meaningless. The Vampires were superior in every way. They were more intelligent, lived longer, were more powerful and were the ones in control. Let them eat humans for as long as they wished. What was one Human Burger going to do?

So the Vampire community split in two. Fang Shui and the no-humanists urged others to say no to human meat. In fact no to any human products at all. No more door knockers made of human noses. Certainly, no more coats made of human eyelashes. No more perfume made from human livers. Finally no human products at all! But on the other side Count Veinessa and the Human Eaters were just as loud and aggressive. They said it was their right to eat humans!

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