Economists Stumped! If the Market is so Great Then How Come it Destroyed the Natural World?

News from the Natural World: Economists Stumped! If the market is so great then how come it destroyed the natural world?

News from the Natural World: Economists Stumped! If the market is so great then how come it destroyed the natural world?

Modern humans have seen the dwindling of religion over the last few decades. The Christian God has fallen because so many of his children were found to molest other children. Buddha too has fallen by the wayside as his laughable efforts to protect the natural world failed. Why not reincarnate a few people as critically endangered animals, Buddha!? Muhammed too has seen his star dwindle. Apparently, he is meant to be so hideous that he will allow no one to draw him. He’s also not too happy with woman driving which has seen his popularity plummet.

Economists Stumped!
Economists Stumped!

All over the world humans have abandoned their old gods and taken to worshipping a new god. This new god is terrifying and all-powerful. Also, its blood is made of liquid money, its brain full of the philosophy of Capitalism and its shoes made of unbridled profit. This new human god is called The Market. Finally, it has reared its ugly head!

If the Market is so Great Then How Come it Destroyed the Natural World?

The Market is a terrifying and powerful new god. The Market creates an economic system in which the decisions regarding investment, production and distribution are guided by the price signals created by the forces of supply and demand. Subsequent economic decisions and the pricing of goods and services are guided by the interactions of a country’s individual citizens and businesses. But The Market is an insatiable God. Furthermore, it is driven by greed, profit and the belief that growth is infinite.

The Markets followers dress in a strange attire of suits and ties. They toil in the great cathedrals of Wall Street and Canary Wharf. They worship animal demi-gods, the Bull and the Bear. This worship has made them rich beyond their wildest dreams and their religion grew and grew in the 20th Century. Enter the 21st Century, and it has gone from strength to strength. It’s ArchMoneyShip Jeff Bezos recently made an annual profit of 7 billion. But was The Market too good to be true? Where had all this wealth come from?

Economists Stumped!

After only 15 seconds of analysis, we discovered that The Market had taken all of its wealth from the natural world. Crops, Animals, Oil, Gas, Minerals, Metals, Ore, Timber you name it it was stolen from nature. Even the digital economy was driven by colossal servers and batteries which again relied on harvesting directly from nature. It was clear that The Market was not some great entity to be worshipped but just the face of the destruction of the natural world. We questioned the followers of the Market, if The Market is so great why are we facing ecological collapse? Why are we facing a global pandemic caused by the destruction of nature?

The followers of The Market were ready. This is the key point on which the worshippers of The Market turned. They always argued that you had to let The Market figure it out for itself. It was self-regulating, the waves of supply and demand couldn’t be stopped. They argued that The Market would find a way out of ecological collapse. But if the Market was so great then why did it destroy the natural world? Not a single economist could answer this question. They were all stumped. It was also self-evident that all of the wealth of the market had come at the expense of the natural world or even other humans. But like all religious believers when faced with facts and evidence they decided to turn the other cheek and blindly follow the same path.


Economists Stumped!
Nature in 2022

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