Protesting Hens Call for Second Strike in a Week

News from the Natural World: Protesting Hens have called for the second strike in a single week.

News from the Natural World: Protesting Hens have called for the second strike in a single week.

No eggs for you.

Dozens of hens have called for a strike on Thursday, the second in a week, to protest the sale of their eggs to neighbouring farms.

This is not the first time eggs have been a point of contention on the farm. The previous government under Farmer Jones profited from this sort of commerce and Animal Farm architect Old Major promised that the new regime would halt these types of transactions. Now, under the new leadership of Comrade Napoleon, the sale of eggs has recommenced under the guise of “sacrifice,” much to the outcry of hens, chickens, and roosters of the farm. To take their clutching away now during the winter sitting would certainly be murder, they argue;

“We would rather see our eggs smashed on the floor then give them up to the humans,” said one rabble-rousing hen.

Protesting Hens
Protesting Hens – Down and Out in a Corn Barn

Protesting Hens Call for Second Strike

According to sources close to Napoleon, such an action would certainly justify a severe punishment. Negotiations are currently underway to prevent such a drastic protest but rations will probably be reduced until both sides can come to some sort of agreement.

The unofficial spokesperson for Napoleon, a young porker named Squealer, released an official statement: “It is important now more than ever that we show the neighbouring farms that Animal Farm is strong and united. All must make sacrifices through the winter to prevent Jones and his men from coming back. You wouldn’t want Jones to come back, now would you?”

This sort of warning has been issued before, raising suspicions that Napoleon and the other pigs are up to no good. However, several hens who voiced their disapproval have mysteriously fallen ill and died due to the parasitic disease coccidiosis.

Animal Farm’s government insists the sale of eggs will benefit all animals on the farm. It says they will allow the animals to market their produce and boost production through private investment.
Those who disagree are outwardly going against the spirit of Animalism, or so they are told. Many of the animals, including the hens, can’t remember the 7 Commandments if they tried.


Protesting Hens
Squealer finally doing what squealers do best

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