Booming Chinese Aquariums Offer Captive Dolphins & Orca a Fresh New Level of Hell

News from the Natural World: Booming Chinese aquariums offer captive Dolphins & Orca a fresh new level of hell.

Booming Chinese Aquariums Offer Fresh New Level of Hell

Olga the Orca said that she had heard a rumour that an alarming 872 whales and dolphins have been taken into captivity for China’s ocean theme parks since 2014. She’d heard stories of countless whale and dolphins families broken up and mourning the loss of their family members. “We’ve only just escaped the marine parks in the West but China wants to have it’s turn now.” But the horror doesn’t end there. Olga was captured and taken to the Chimelong Ocean Kingdom. She heard more rumours that the Chinese humans were planning to open the first Orca breeding facility in China, clearly hoping to expand its own operations or to supply Orcas to other parks. Understandbly Olga is terrified of the new dawn of terror and abuse.

Whilst the public perception of captive Orcas and Dolphins has changed rapidly in the United States it seems there is a never-ending stream of humans waiting in the wings to abuse animals for profit.


Booming Chinese Aquariums
Booming Chinese aquariums also not great news for sharks either

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