Digging for Oil Found to be Less Ethical than Dealing Crack

News from the Natural World: Digging for oil has been found to be less ethical than dealing crack.

News from the Natural World: Digging for oil has been found to be less ethical than dealing crack.

A new report produced by the Animal Kingdoms very own economic think tank, the IMF (International Mole Fund), has shocked the natural world. In the report, the great statisticians of nature sought to compare and contrast the negative impacts of various human activities. They sought to penetrate the false veneer of infinite capitalism and argued for the implementation of the All Species Circular Economy. In exposing the human worlds most devastating activities they would shine a mirror back at the humans. No longer would they be able to hide from the pain that their activities caused. But the report highlighted one shocking fact. The report showed that digging for oil was less ethical than dealing crack.

Digging for Oil
Selling crack ‘not that bad’ compared to oil

Now, this finding came as a big surprise to many humans. However, the animals were less surprised. It is clear that oil is a drug that humans love. They don’t need it, there are many safe alternatives yet they will mine and drill for it wherever it can be found. They do so because it is currently cheaper than renewable alternatives. The humans will go to incredible lengths to get oil. Some humans have even been known to desecrate sacred ancient burial grounds, wipe out indigenous peoples and whilst it has some immediate positive effects and feels great in the short term. It certainly isn’t so fantastic in the long term. On top of that, the supply is fated to completely run out within the century!

These humans are even prepared to destroy the planet so much that their children and grandchildren lives will be threatened by biological instability and colossal weather changes. They will stop at nothing to get oil as they are in love with the things it provides. Cars, flying, central heating, cheap materials and plastics. It is oil that has fuelled consumer culture.

Digging for Oil Found to be Less Ethical

It turns out that crack is pretty much the same thing. It’s a drug that humans love, they don’t need it but they buy it because it is cheap and they can’t afford much else. You buy crack because you can’t afford cocaine. The very same people who look down on crack addicts are likely taking cocaine instead. More than half a million doses of cocaine, with an estimated street value of £2.75m, are being consumed in London on average each day. What a bunch of deranged dandruff badgers!

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