Priti Patel Demands to see Identity Papers from Walrus who Washed up in Wales

News from the Natural World: Priti Patel demands to see the identity papers from Walrus who washed up in Wales.priti patel

“The problem with Walrus is that it’s very hard to get his identity papers and if you don’t have your identity papers you could be in a lot of trouble. So Walrus took the easy option and went into hiding. Walrus should be safe for now however Priti Patel is incredibly determined and she wants to take Walrus to court. It is claimed that she has started taking up swimming lessons just so she has a chance of catching Walrus. I guess she is doing it to boost her ego after all bullying humans probably doesn’t satisfy her anymore. It turns out that there is quite literally no depth that she won’t sink to…”


Priti Patel Demands
Priti Patel demands not been met

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