Can I Still Have a Car & Central Heating? Public Questions Climate Scientist

News from the Natural World: Can I still have a car and central heating? Member of public questions climate scientist.

News from the Natural World: Can I still have a car and central heating? Member of public questions climate scientist.

Keith Keithson is your typical average human. He’s not particularly good nor particularly bad. He’s not on the extreme right-wing nor on the extreme left-wing. Born and raised in Manchester in the UK, he has spent his existence straddling the middle ground of life. In the last UK parliamentary election, he didn’t really know who to vote for. Boris and the Nazgul Back Benchers of the Tory party were far too right-wing for him. But on the other hand, Corbyn and the hummus eaters of the Labour party were far too left-wing for him. Keith Keithson was really rather centrist. He didn’t feel his views, or the views of millions of others were accurately represented. Either side just called the other side stupid or idiots. Keith hadn’t seen such immaturity since primary school debate club.

Can I Still Have a Car & Central Heating?

He understood the modern tribal delineation of warring political groups offered humanity no meaningful way of reconciling the myriad of opinions and challenges facing huge groups of humans. He knew that the two-party political system represented an endless cyclical war of competing opposites which had snowballed out of control due to the fuel of social media and inability of modern political commentators to actually echo the voices of the majority. Keith didn’t have much hope.

Can I still have a Car
Can I still have two cars Mr Climate Scientist?

But there was one area where Keith had truly lost hope. It was in the conservation movement. Keith felt that he had always done his bit for the natural world. He tried to shop local, bought his milk, eggs and meat from the farmer down the road. He only flew for the first time in his mid 30s and for the last 10 years had been able to afford one flight a year to Spain. His family shared one car and he couldn’t really afford to buy huge amounts of meaningless products from Amazon. He liked the odd Attenborough documentary and got a kick out of feeding the birds in the garden. But recently Keith had heard more and more about the damage humans were doing to the world. He had grown more and more worried.

Public Questions Climate Scientist

Every time he went online he was confronted by this Conservation movement. It was telling him that the world was burning, animals were dying and the planet was collapsing. But worst of all it said that it was because of him and his choices. It was because people drank milk, ate meat, drove cars and took flights. But Keith always felt he’d done these things in moderation. He couldn’t afford them in bulk. But the next day he saw on TV thousands of white middle-class humans marching in London, they were called Extinction Rebellion. They were made up of middle class humans who had previously flown multiple times a year, eaten meat every day, consumed copious amounts of dairy, bought hundreds of pointless products and owned two cars. BUT they had suddenly saved the planet by dressing up as Brocilli.

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