Cockroach King Crowned Ruler of all Life on Earth after Nuclear Explosion

News from the Natural World: Cockroach King crowned ruler of all life on earth after Nuclear Explosion.

News from the Natural World: Cockroach King crowned ruler of all life on earth after Nuclear Explosion.

Cockroaches have long been known to be the only animal that can survive a nuclear holocaust. They are naturally resistant to many of the worst effects of nuclear radiation. Radiation is measured in units called Grays. Doses as low as three to six Grays were fatal to humans in Hiroshima and Chernobyl. By comparison, some adult cockroaches have survived doses up to nine-hundred Grays! That’s more than 150 times the lethal dose for humans! But they still would have been affected, even if they appear more resistant than humans. US TV series Mythbusters tested the cockroach survival theory in 2012 when they exposed cockroaches to radioactive material. The roaches survived longer than humans would have, but they all died at extreme levels of radiation.

Cockroach King
Cockroach King seen as a fair and just ruler by all

So it seems that not even the Cockroaches could survive the after-effects of a nuclear wipeout forever. With the UK Governments latest decision to add more nukes to its weapon arsenal this horrifying terror seems ever more likely. Britain has joined an uncontrolled arms race in a world more unstable and unpredictable than even during the cold war. It is increasing stockpiles of nuclear weapons by more than 40%. This decision was made to meet the rapidly changing international nuclear environment and will make it significantly worse. But the new looming nuclear arms race isn’t bad news for everyone. The ruler of the Cockroaches, the Cockroach King, could stand to benefit from this new acceleration in global nuclear warfare. Experts have predicted that the Cockroach King alone would be the last ruler of any species left alive on earth.

Cockroach King Crowned Ruler of all Life on Earth

The Cockroach King had this to say. “To be in charge but for a moment is to be in charge of eternity. I accept my crown as the last ruler of the last species on the planet with magnanimity. All existence is but a meaningless grain of sand in an everlasting hour piece. Ant colonies on fire off the shoulder of Trump Tower. I watched Insect-beams glitter in the dark near the Pesticide Gate. All those moments will be lost in time, like roaches in rain. Time to die.”

And with that the Cockroach King keeled over and died. It turns out that not even the roaches could survive a nuclear holocaust.


Cockroach King
Cockroach King wasn’t available for further comment

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