You Can Take Our Biodiversity and Climate But You Can Never Take Our Football

News from the Natural World: You can take our biodiversity and climate but you can never take our football.

News from the Natural World: You can take our biodiversity and climate but you can never take our football.

In the last week, the human world has spoken louder and clearer than ever before. The nation of the United Kingdom was united in a way not seen since World War Two. People from all walks of life, different backgrounds, religions, races and politics all formed under one banner to pursue a cause that they felt was life and death. Was this finally the response that the natural world had been waiting for.

Had the decades of irrefutable scientific evidence of the collapse of biodiversity, climate change and destruction of the natural world finally caught up with the humans? Maybe the COVID-19 pandemic, which was caused by humans continued encroachment on natural rainforests and subsequent increase in exposure to zoonotic diseases, been the final nail in the coffin? Had the humans of the UK finally rallied to a worthy cause!? No, it turns out all this anger was because of football.

You Can Take Our Biodiversity
You Can Take Our Biodiversity But Not Our Football

You Can Take Our Biodiversity and Climate

That’s right, football. A game. It turns out that rather surprisingly billionaire humans are out of touch with other humans. Who would have thought it!? A billionaire out of touch with reality, what a surprise… This all began because 12 clubs in European Football decided to form a European Super League which would effectively guarantee them annually recurring mega revenue, eliminate any risk or jeopardy through relegation and cement their teams as global brands. Not to mention the fact this is the way football has been heading for 30 years. Money has been thrown around with absolute abandon. Billions on giant fridges in Qatar built by slaves, agents taking monstrous fees for clicking send on a contract and clubs paying millions for terrible players (Ousmane Dembele for 105 million anyone?). Every year football has become more and more about money so really it should have been expected.

Us animals knew that this is the way football was going. Humans couldn’t expect to get all the massive positives from having a billionaire chairman without the subsequent negatives. If you want to mega stadiums, millions of £ spent on players and wages and trophies then surely you can’t blame the owners for wanting to run their clubs like businesses. Where would Chelsea be without Russian crime money? Where would Man City be without Saudi oil money? What were humans expecting? It turns out that despite the incredibly obvious commercialisation of football over the last 3 decades that apparently they weren’t expecting this.

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