Animals Ask What Jobs do Humans Have That Don’t Destroy the Natural World?

News from the Natural World: Animals ask 'what jobs do humans have that don't destroy the natural world?'

News from the Natural World: Animals ask ‘what jobs do humans have that don’t destroy the natural world?’

Our resident Canine journalist Anthony Umoh aka The Dog has been out canvassing the popular opinions of the animal kingdom. Find out what he’s uncovered in his latest snoop.

“We animals have one question that we would like to ask you, humans. What jobs do humans have that don’t destroy the world? As far as we can see humans like to build things up, just so they can destroy them, just ask English Footballers. Also, take a look at the president of the United States of America or any leader of any country, they seem to enjoy making people miserable by slowly destroying the natural world. An example of this is putting us in a national lockdown and locking us down like we are in cages. As if we Animals weren’t already caged!”

Animals Ask
Animals ask more questions of the human world

Animals Ask What Jobs do Humans Have

The Dog continued “Animals, especially Dogs, don’t believe in destroying nature for their personal gain. We believe in taking care of the world and helping as many other Dogs as we can. Sometimes we’ve even been known to help Cats and that really is saying something. If you look at the human jobs that are meant to help other people, those people are totally unhappy with them.”

A police officer is a good example of this, they are meant to stop and solve crime however most of them are more corrupt than the people they’re meant to protect. Law enforcement jobs are meant to keep people safe yet the quantity of rotten apples has gotten so great that it’s clear that the whole structure is rotten. It makes you ask the question what is the point in having them if this is the case? This is just one example, the list is endless – Fashion, Farming, Food, Mining, Oil and Gas, Tourism, Retail. In fact, it’s hard to think of a human job that doesn’t destroy the natural world.”

The Dog concluded after a brief pause to chase his tail “This is a problem that really isn’t big among animals. You human beings really have an instinct to kill each other like no other species. Even the good humans and the activists for climate change and animal rights have been ignored for money and greed. If the world does end due to violence, at least you can always blame video games.”

So there you have it, the word on the park from Anthony Umoh aka The Dog.


Animals Ask
Animals ask the same question again and again

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