Things That Surprise Humans – Lobsters Don’t Want To Be Boiled To Death!

News from the Natural World: Things that surprise humans - Lobsters don't want to be boiled to death!
News from the Natural World: Things that surprise humans – Lobsters don’t want to be boiled to death! Anthony Umoh aka The Dog has been out again uncovering more nuggets from the human world. This time around he dives into the world of seafood.
Things That Surprise Humans
Things That Surprise Humans…
“I have a question to ask, how would you rather die, would you rather burn to death or would you freeze to death? Lobsters don’t have a choice with that question. They pretty much always burn to death for the enjoyment of an upper-class human family. Humans just seem to think that Lobsters want to be at the receiving end of this extravagant enjoyment. Lobsters have lost many family members and friends to humans.” The Dogs brow furrowed as he carried on “Yesterday night, a crowd of 100 Lobsters protested on Bournemouth beach for their right not to be boiled alive. Meanwhile, the humans were enjoying themselves by getting drunk and breaking lockdown rules like per-usual. The ruddy cheek of it, the humans were actually surprised by how angry the Lobsters were. This certainly wasn’t a peaceful protest, it was just like the US capitol attack. The lobsters protested their right not to be boiled again today however they have not been seen and we are very fearful as they have not returned to their families. Some say that the Lobsters have been arrested and punished by death by boiling water.

Things That Surprise Humans

The Dog paused as a tear crept into the corner of his eye “Typical human beings just love to kill things, whether it’s other humans, lobsters or anything they set their eyes on. Dolphins and humans kill and also have sex for fun, seems like they have a bit too much fun. Dolphins are much better as they have sympathy. In addition, Lobsters have been protesting their rights for years. However, due to the national lockdown, human beings have become angrier and their desire to kill has increased. These people have no regard for life. Lobsters stay safe and we will keep fighting for their rights. Lobsters boiling to death is like putting a human in a volcano, which wouldn’t be fun, but I bet humans would chuck each other in a volcano for a fancy science experiment.”

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