National Calves Union Threatens to Strike

News from the Natural World: National Calves Union threatens to strike.
News from the Natural World: National Calves Union threatens to strike. Connor Calf, Chief executive of the NCU (National Calves Union) has announced the launch of a campaign to protect its members’ right to life. Last month, after it emerged that 65,000 dairy calves were slaughtered by the industry in 2020, a herd of cows took to the street to protest outside Müller, the UK’s largest milk producer. Connor Calf said: “We wanted to make our voices heard, so we mooed and bellowed to tell passers-by that dairy still kills. Some nice humans even joined us, but Müller has failed to tighten its policy and continues to allow calves from its dairy farms to be sold on for slaughter.”
National Calves
National Calves Union spokesperson Connor Calf
“Because of this, we have launched a new petition to Sainsbury’s. Müller processes around half of Sainsbury’s own-brand milk, giving the supermarket great influence in this situation. We have brought to its attention many incidents of abuse, and murder, of our members and called on Sainsbury’s to urge Muller to act.”

National Calves Union Threatens to Strike

If the supermarket does not take a stand, Calf warned that the NCU will take further action. “We have balloted our members and more than 20 million dairy cows, from across the country, are willing to strike. I have no doubt that many other animals would also join us. It is bad enough that humans want to steal cows’ milk, but to kill the calves is a step too far. We will not be silenced. We will raise our voices and stamp our hooves until we see change.” He said.

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