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What Happened to the Tasmanian Tiger? Animal Hall of Shame

Enter the Animal Hall of Shame: What happened to the Tasmanian Tiger? Enter the Animal Hall of Shame.

Enter the Animal Hall of Shame: What happened to the Tasmanian Tiger? Enter the Animal Hall of Shame.

Here at the Platypus, we honour the traditions and beliefs of the animal kingdom. Namely that all animal life should be free from the threat of extinction. Extinction is the one, true greatest evil of all. There is no greater evil (except maybe Cats). So here, in the Animal Hall of Shame, we honour those animals whose lives have been snuffed out by the Homo Sh*tpiens.

What Happened to the Tasmanian Tiger?
What Happened to the Tasmanian Tiger?

What was a Tasmanian Tiger?

The Tasmanian tiger (Thylacinus cynocephalus) had many names. The Tasmanian Wolf and also the Thylacine. It had a head like a dog, but a long, low body with stripes on its hindquarters like a Tiger. It even had a long, thick tail like a kangaroo, and was about the size of a large Labrador retriever.

What did the Tasmanian Tiger eat?

The Tasmanian Tiger ate small prey like possums and bandicoots. Some believed that it killed large livestock and a massive witch hunt led to their demise. However recent analysis of the musculoskeletal configuration of its jaw showed it couldn’t regularly withstand the massive pressure of killing large animals.

What Happened to the Tasmanian Tiger?

What happened to the Tasmanian Tiger?

TheTasmanian tigers were hunted and killed by humans and dingoes. Tasmania had few people and no dingoes, though, so it became a last refuge to the Tasmanian tiger and its close cousin, the Tasmanian devil. It was on the way out due to constant human population growth but when white settlers arrived things really started to kick off.

Why did the Tasmanian Tiger go extinct?

On 7 September 1936 only two months after the species was granted protected status, ‘Benjamin’, the last known thylacine, died from exposure at the Beaumaris Zoo in Hobart Whilst Benjamin died of exposure the rest of his species was killed by excessive hunting, combined with factors such as habitat destruction and introduced disease.

Did humans kill all the Tasmanian Tiger?

The Tasmanian government instituted a bounty system for killing Tasmanian Tigers and eventually paid out more than 2,180 bounties.

In Australia, the settlers brought dogs with them. It’s likely the dogs also contributed to the Tasmanian tigers’ decline through direct competition and by introducing new diseases. There were reports that a distemper-like disease was killing many Tasmanian tigers right before the wild population winked out of existence.

Animal Hall of Shame

What killed the Tasmanian Tiger?

Humans really do have to take full responsibility for wiping out the Thylacine. But not just any humans, a specific group of humans. Aboriginal humans and co-existed alongside the Tasmanian Tiger for thousands and thousands of years without the threat of extinction. It was only when White European Christians turned up that the Tasmanian Tiger was truly obliterated. In fact, it’s really an insult that it’s known as the Tasmanian Tiger. The Thylacine actually roamed all over the Australasian continent, it was only because Tasmanian was the remotest place with the least humans and dingoes that it clung on there. Humans were so ignorant they thought it just lived there and called it the Tasmanian Tiger. I mean these are the same people who brought to you the name ‘American Indians’.

Is the Tasmanian Tiger still alive?

Rumours have circled for sometime that the elusive and extinct Thylacine clings on in remote corners of Tasmania. As yet these are unsubstantiated and it is highly likely that even if one did remain, then humans would kill it as soon as they found it.


What Happened to the Tasmanian Tiger?
Humans happened to the Tasmanian Tiger?

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