Animals Decide the Human Word ‘Sustainable’ Has Absolutely No Meaning Anymore

News from the Natural World: Animals decide the human word 'sustainable' has absolutely no meaning anymore.

News from the Natural World: Animals decide the human word ‘sustainable’ has absolutely no meaning anymore.

Words travel through the ages like ocean striding whales. Though their meanings shift and change as time passes they remain immortal as long as humans continue to whisper them. But, every once in a while a human word will lose its meaning and the animal kingdom will banish it. It will cease to exist and disappear into the ether. Often this is because human behaviour alters the word to such an extent that the words meaning simply won’t hold. Many times this has happened.

Animals Decide
Animals decide to end the use of the word

In the 4th century and the advent of the first-ever self-portrait we lost the word ‘modesty’. In the 20th century, the word pacifist passed into insignificance. Sometimes a word will disappear multiple times, at the coming of Jesus and Mohammed the word “common-sense” lost all meaning. But these disappearances are rare occurrences, a once in a lifetime experience. However, the animal kingdom banned another word yesterday, they banned the human word ‘sustainable’.

The human word ‘sustainable’ is meant to mean “meeting human needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. In addition to natural resources, humans also need social and economic resources. Sustainability is not just environmentalism.” This word has been at the heart of the conservation movement. At first, it was used to describe energy products, alternative food sources and natural materials. But in the last year, it has lost all meaning.

Animals Decide Against the Human Word ‘Sustainable’

The animals started to notice that humans would call absolutely anything, any product or shop, ‘sustainable’ in an attempt to get more people to buy it. Sustainable trousers, sustainable phone cases, sustainable butchers. You name it, they named it sustainable. A sustainable hairdresser opened in Shoreditch, London where they only recruit left-handed Monkeys with prison records and use the hair to make fresh pasta. Primark launched its new range of sustainable human slaves. They’d managed to create a youth serum that would keep their child factory workers perpetually below the age of 11. The US military got in on the act as well when they created the worlds first ‘sustainable nuclear warhead’ made from the bones of recycled enemies.

It was clear to the animals that this word was simply being used to make the humans feel less guilty about two things;

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