Humans Forgiven After Being Biologically Programmed to be Vicious Murdering Bastards

News from the Natural World: Humans forgiven after being found to not be at fault for their particularly vicious brand of biological programming.
News from the Natural World: Humans forgiven after being found to not be at fault for their particularly vicious brand of biological programming. There is no doubt that humans are the most violent of all lifeforms. TREX’s had those funny little arms that stopped them from being truly evil. In addition, the bubonic plague eventually petered out and many argued that it actually did a good thing by limiting the human population. Many animals exhibit displays of violence and aggression but this is mainly for posturing, food or survival. Even Cats aren’t truly vicious and will occasionally let you stroke their bellies without biting you. Perhaps only Chimpanzees show a similar predilection for violence but humans are truly natures most vicious beings. Holocausts, World Wars, Torture, Genocides, Atomic Bombs, Napalm, the list goes on and on. But where does this violent behaviour come from? Are humans hardwired with it, or do they learn this behaviour? And is there any way to move beyond being a violent creature?
Humans Forgiven
Humans forgiven… or are they?
If you take a really good look at the animal kingdom, you’ll notice only a few species enact violence upon each other the way humans do. Most animals use aggressive displays to ward off competitors for food or mates without the intention of causing serious injury or death. Predators kill primarily for sustenance — preying upon species other than their own. But humans are different and the origins of their paradoxical nature lie in murder and self-domestication. Some animal philosophers have debated this. Jean-Jackal Rousseau, said humans are a naturally peaceful species corrupted by society. Others side with Thomas Frogs and see humans as a naturally violent species civilised by society.

Humans Forgiven For Biological Programming

But the truth is somewhat difficult to find. Some animals argue that humans are just vicious motherf*ckers who enjoy violence and use it to gain power. Why else would they celebrate wars with movies, toys for children and wax lyrical about Genghis Khan, Julius Ceasar and Colombus? Other animals have supposed that you might say that humans prehistoric ancestors passed down a tendency toward violent behaviour. This was particularly prevalent among the males of their species. But even if this is true, the full explanation is far more complicated. Humans personalities are the products of thousands of influences. Some are biological and date back to before humans even existed as a species. Others develop as part of their social and cultural practices. We may never have the complete answer to what makes humans such a violent species. But we animals should always ask ourselves these questions — if nothing else, we may find the secret to reducing violent human conflict.

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